How to migrate millions of assets from CatDV

Apr 07, 2020

Every Good Thing Comes To An End

Every good thing comes to an end. When you first bought CatDV it was amazing. Finally a system that was going to get things organized, bring automation to your workflow, and help take your company's media management to the next level.

No one ever makes a large purchase into something like digital asset management software without doing their homework; however, the best solution yesterday is not always the best solution today. As your business grows, its needs around media management can grow and change as well. The last thing anyone wants to hear about any technology purchase is that "We're stuck."

Unfortunately, when it comes to asset management, this is a very common feeling amongst admins of just about every system out there. The software companies goal is to help you get in, get comfortable with their features, and get a strong hold over all of your data. As a digital asset management and media workflow automation consultant, I've never liked this component of the asset management game. So I decided to do something about it.

Our company, Workflow Intelligence Nexus, is comprised of some of the best developers, consultants, and system engineers working in the media and entertainment industry today. We have experience working with just about every media asset management platform out there, and we have seen this issue around migration happening for years. Today we are happy to announce the first step in solving this issue.

The Solution

The first solution we have created is for one of the more common requests we have received lately. A simple to use migration utility, to assist users with lots of content sitting in a CatDV asset management system to move all of their content out of CatDV and into the iconik asset management platform.

Why iconik?

We chose to create our first simple migration utility to migrate content from CatDV into iconik. iconik represents one of the newest, most powerful, and most economic solutions on the market today. For users that want to get their content out of an old asset management system that required the management of servers and infrastructure and into a new modern platform that is run in the cloud, but able to manage local storage in multiple sites as well as cloud storage, iconik is a great fit.

Most of our CatDV customers wanted to make their content more easily accessible and searchable to users outside of their local facility while maintaining a low cost of ownership. With iconik, a small facility with 1 admin and a couple of editors can often do this for less than $2,500/year. Large facilities with millions of assets and petabytes of content under management can also leverage iconik at a rate that is incredibly competitive against most other enterprise asset management systems.

The iconik interface is simple to use and intuitive too. For many of our customers looking for a migration out of their old system, they are looking for something with a more modern look and feel that makes working with it easy and intuitive.

Let us help you

This CatDV to iconik migration tool is only 1 of many migrations we have performed, and just 1 of the tools available in the Workflow Intelligence Nexus iconik Toolset. Our team of developers and system engineers are available to assist with any migration needs you may have, and we will be continuing to build more new tools like this one to help our customers never feel trapped in any one system. If you are looking to migrate from any system to any other system, please let us know.