Faith Based MAM

Apr 01, 2020

The Challenge

I've spoken with countless faith based organizations over the years that all tend to have a common issue with managing their media. The conversation tends to go like this: "We collect 20+ hours of video content per week but we have little or no central infrastructure or the people necessary to manage complex server environments. How can we ever organize and utilize the true value of our library?" When we create content around a powerful message, that content has value far beyond its initial broadcast or the initial time it was heard live. Much of this content is relevant for many years to come; however, its value can only be realized if the content has been tagged and organized in a way that makes it easily and quickly accessible when someone is looking for it.

The answer to this situation historically has been one of deploying a traditional asset management platform. In the past, I've deployed systems like ReachEngine to large organizations like Lakewood Church, Willow Creek, and others. These systems require servers, storage, cooling, power, and rack space that only the largest of churches tend to have the capacity to handle. In addition to the expensive infrastructure requirements, the traditional asset management system prices have also been very high. When the driving purpose is to get your message out to people, spending more money than is required can cause serious issues. This high price tag for entry is often far too high of a barrier for most smaller organizations to handle.

The Solution

New asset management solutions over the past couple years have finally started to break through these barriers. Until recently these solutions still required dedicated hardware and some minimal infrastructure to support it. This was a good step in the right direction but not quite there. With the iconik hybrid cloud platform from Cantemo, there is finally a solution that can work for all faith based clients. Some of the key features of this system that I believe set it apart from the competition and the reasons why I believe it can be such a great fit within any faith based organization are as follows:

  1. NO SERVERS REQUIRED: Being a hybrid cloud solution means that all of the management and heavy processing is being done in the cloud. This means that there is no need for any servers running locally.

  2. MANAGE LOCAL AND CLOUD CONTENT: iconik is capable of managing local content (Without ever having to upload anything). By managing local content and only publishing proxies and thumbnails to the cloud (optional), iconik is able to provide powerful asset management experience, similar to what users expect from the expensive systems without all of the infrastructure.

  3. MULTI-SITE CAPABILITIES BY DEFAULT: While many MAM systems may charge setup and configuration and usage fees for multi-site capabilities, this is a standard offering for a cloud hybrid system like iconik. Users in all locations have access to all of the content that they are allowed access to and restricted from accessing other content by a robust set of permissions control managed by your administrator. Cloud content as well as local content from all of your systems around the world can be searched through, accessed, and automated with little to no configuration.

  4. MANAGE ALL TYPES OF STORAGE: iconik has one of the simplest interfaces to manage storage locations. These locations can be local storage on a single system, any SAN or NAS storage, Amazon S3 storage, or any other S3 compatible object storage. The ability to use your own cloud storage also means that you're never stuck in the system. All of your content in the cloud is always on storage you own and control.

  5. AUTOMATED DISTRIBUTION: iconik is one of the most robust applications in terms of offering automation capabilities for the distribution of finished content. We have quickly and easily configured workflows to connect a single button export for an asset or group of assets to workflows that can automatically convert the asset into multiple formats, apply subtitles and other various elements as required per delivery, and deliver the final result utilizing high-speed file delivery mechanisms with direct publishing to all major social media outlets.

  6. LOW COST: Getting into iconik with all of the features above is possible for less than $5,000 per year. That's less than the yearly maintenance on many asset management systems on the market today. This also means that organizations using iconik often have the budget available for customizing the system with powerful automations to meet their specific needs

There are many other powerful features of this system that make it a fantastic choice, including Adobe panels in all of the major adobe video and image applications, an incredibly extensive, well documented, well supported open API, and many other features.

If you have any questions on how iconik could work for your organization, please reach out to me or the team at Workflow Intelligence Nexus. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.